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First Moss Wall Designer in Iran

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Afra Moss

Moss wall was trended in Iran for the first time by Afragroup. A lot of effort has been made to introduce this material by our company and it is competing at the international level by implementing different and special styles.

We are the first and the largest specialized Mass Wall architect in Iran

Our products are environmentally friendly and do not require Water,Light and maintenance.

No pruning

Suitable for indoor environments

No need for light

Design with the green taste nature

Just like capturing a beautiful moment, we preserve the freshness of plants for you

Nature is your best guest

Stabilized moss is not only a beautiful product, but also fireproof and soundproof.
In practice, this means that the moss wall can be used to control and reduce the noise and ambience of the environment. Moss wall is a completely natural product. It can be recycled and reduces water consumption compared to other types of green walls.

Your frequentlly asked question

Do mosses fall in autumn and winter?2022-06-27T12:12:04+04:30

No, established mosses always maintain their freshness and remain green and fresh for at least 10 years.

Do these mosses attract insects?2022-06-27T12:11:45+04:30

No, they do not attract any insects, and insects do not nest and reproduce in established mosses. So, feel free to choose afra moss.

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